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Pulaski Girls Basketball Association (Pulaski Force)

Pulaski FORCE is the legal operating name for our Pulaski Girls Basketball Youth organization.  Our Mission is "To provide a structure and environment for girls to learn the game of basketball, and to continuously develop both basketball and personal life skills such that the girls participating in the program have an opportunity to succeed on and off the court.  Teamwork, confidence, personal integrity, concern for others, and a strong work ethic shall be by-products of an athlete's participation in the organization's programs".

2015-16 Regional Champions

2015-16 Regional Champions

2018-19 Girls Junior Red Raider Basketball

Girls in Grades 3 thru 6 are encouraged to participate in Girls Youth Basketball through the Girls Junior Red Raider program.  Initial sign-up is done through PACE.  The fees paid to PACE are for the first month of our program - skills and drills.  A link to the Fall 2018 PACE Catalog is provided below.   See page 12 for the Girls JRR information.  Please sign up as soon as possible,  there is still time to join us!!  

In addition to signing up through PACE, please also register your player through the second link shown below as "REGISTER:  2018-19 Girls Basketball Registration".  This registration provides additional information for our program, and signs up your player for participation in the playing/tournament portion of our season.  There is an additional fee due for this part of our program.

Girls Basketball Program Registration

All grades need to register through the link below for our Girls Youth Basketball Program.   For 3rd through 6th Grade, this must be done in addition to registering through PACE, and there is a small additional fee to pay for participation in our BADL league, etc.

For 7th and 8th Grade, the registration linked below is the only Program registration to complete at this time.  Please register as soon as possible - there is still time to join!!

7th Graders - please be aware that if you wish to try out for participation on the 7th Grade "A" team, the tryout is scheduled at PHS on October 6th from 11:30 to 1:00 pm.


Pulaski Girls Basketball Clothing Now Available Through Links Below

Clothing/Shoe Store is only open through Oct. 22

Lead Youth Coaches

Lead Coaches for each Grade for the 2018-19 Season:
3rd Grade:  Shana Kettunen (
4th Grade:   Steve Barry (
5th Grade:   Jana Kurth (
6th Grade:   Leslie Servais (
7th Grade "Green" Team:  Kurt Holewinski (
7th Grade "Gold" Team:   Andy Mittag (
8th Grade:   Dave Wiese ( 

Pulaski GBB Shoes Available Through Link to the left and below

Jeff Charney

Pulaski Girls Basketball Varsity Head Coach

Phone: 920-822-6751

Thoughts to Ponder

Victory or defeat is not determined at the moment of crisis, but rather in the long and unspectacular period of preparation."  


Jeff Walkenhorst

President, PGBA/Pulaski FORCE

Pulaski Girls Basketball Sponsors

Sponsors help make what we do possible.  Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact Jeff Walkenhorst (