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Pulaski Girls Basketball Association (Pulaski Force)

Pulaski FORCE is the legal operating name for our Pulaski Girls Basketball Youth organization.  Our Mission is "To provide a structure and environment for girls to learn the game of basketball, and to continuously develop both basketball and personal life skills such that the girls participating in the program have an opportunity to succeed on and off the court.  Teamwork, confidence, personal integrity, concern for others, and a strong work ethic shall be by-products of an athlete's participation in the organization's programs".

2015-16 Regional Champions

2015-16 Regional Champions

2019-20 Youth Coaches

At the Board meeting on September 29th, the following Coaches were approved for each grade for this season.  Congratulations to all!

8th Grade - Kurt Holewinski; Andy Mittag

7th Grade - Steven Gladwell; Leslie Servais (Operations)

6th Grade - Chris Majewski; Jeff Walkenhorst (Operations)

5th Grade - Steve Barry (co-Lead); Tony Logue (co-Lead)

4th Grade - Shana Kettunen

3rd Grade - Andy Bock

Doug McElrone

Varsity Girls Basketball Head Coach

Thoughts to Ponder

"Success isn't owned, it's leased.  And rent is due every day.  - J.J. Watt (Former NFL Defensive Player of the Year)

Jeff Walkenhorst

President, PGBA/Pulaski FORCE

Pulaski Girls Basketball Sponsors

Sponsors help make what we do possible.  Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact Jeff Walkenhorst (